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Resource Realignment

The Resource Realignment Project is an effort led by the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) which began in 2011.  During that time, the State of California was facing a budget crisis and began shifting significant costs it formally contributed towards water quality protection to permit holders in the State Water Board's regulatory programs thereby dramatically increasing the fees permit holders payed.  As a result of these increases and feedback from stakeholders including CVCWA, the State Water Board directed it staff to prepare a report which assessed and aligned Water Board priorities, resources, and performance targets.  This became Phase 1 of the Resource Realignment Effort. 

Phase 2 of the Resource Realignment Effort focuses on assessing opportunities for reducing the costs of compliance for entities subject to Water Board oversight under the NPDES wastewater, stormwater, irrigated lands, and waste discharge requirement programs. CVCWA is working with other stakeholders and the Water Boards to identify and encourage  implementation of opportunities to reduce the costs of compliance in these programs where feasible and where cost savings to permittees could be realized without detriment to water quality.

Click this link to access information on the Resource Realignment information on the State Water Board's website.

CVCWA Comment Letters on State Water Board Initiatives

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