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About Our Committees

The majority of the activities are done through committees made up from the CVCWA general membership.

Committee Membership and Officers

Participation on the committees is voluntary. At committee meetings, CVCWA members discuss issues of interest, such as new regulations and recent scientific findings. Often, the committee will work on projects and/or have presentation on topics of committee interest at the meetings.

Committees include a Chair, Vice Chair and sometimes a secretary. Each committee strives for representatives corresponding to the north, central, and south areas of the Central Valley. The committee chairs participate in a cabinet with the Chairman of the Board, Vice Chairman of the Board, the Treasurer and the Executive Director in developing the business plan and coordination throughout the organization. Some committees have one or more subcommittees to address issues that require special focus.

CVCWA Committees

The following is a list of CVCWA Committees. This list links to more detailed information on each committee, their leadership and activities, and subcommittees (if any).

Special Projects

Special Projects are efforts undertaken by the CVCWA membership that require more significant financial resources to complete. You can find more information about special projects by visiting the Special Projects page.


Through CVCWA, our members have also contributed to statewide collaborative efforts. More information about these efforts can be found on the Partnerships page.


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