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Guiding Documents

CVCWA operates in accordance with the Guiding Documents described on this page.  These documents are updated as required to adapt to current conditions and continue CVCWA’s mission.


CVCWA’s Bylaws were originally adopted in October 2003 as CVCWA was incorporated.  They set out aspects of CVCWA’s business structure such as our purpose; the membership structure, rules and rights; the Board structure, authority, etc.  CVCWA’s Bylaws have been amended twice, once in 2006 and again in 2008 by vote of the membership.  CVCWA is currently reviewing updating its bylaws.

Position Papers

CVCWA has adopted guiding principles and position papers.  Most position papers are developed in CVCWA’s committees to allow robust discussion and input on issue. Final position approval is made by the CVCWA Board.  Committees and members of CVCWA can advocate for the guiding principles and established positions in legislation, regulation, or other forums.  Because not every issue can be foreseen, the guiding principles and many of the positions are broad in nature to allow CVCWA flexibility to act in a timely manner without needing specific Board approval.

Standing Rules

CVCWA has adopted standing rules that deal with the procedures and operations of our association.  So long as the standing rules are consistent with the bylaws and the articles of incorporation, CVCWA’s standing rules can be modified by the CVCWA Board.  CVCWA's Standing Rules are currently being reviewed for desired updates.

Strategic Plan

CVCWA’s Strategic Plan has a five year planning horizon and is intended to:

  • Set the long-term direction for the organization.
  • Capture emerging trends and issues that impact members.

  • Establish the strategies that will be employed by the organization.
  • Carry forward issues that need to be kept in mind as the organization progresses.

  • Provide a common basis for establishing short-term priorities.

The Strategic Plan is updated at least biannually based on discussions at the Board’s annual planning meeting.

Business Plan

CVCWA’s Business Plan is an extension of the Strategic Plan and it focuses on providing a summary of the specific actions that CVCWA and its committees plan to take over a one year planning horizon.  The Business Plan sets the short-term actions for the organization and serves as basis for establishing annual budget needs.  The Business Plan is updated annually.  Additiionally, CVCWA has developed a Priorities Summary Sheet - a two page document which summarizes CVCWA's priorities for the designated year.

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