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Part of CVCWA’s mission is to effectively represent the interest of wastewater agencies in the Central Valley in regulatory matters.  We do this with the goal of assuring that regulatory actions are protective of the environment, are based on sound scientific information, and reflect a fair and reasonable economic basis.  To accomplish this, CVCWA seeks to work cooperatively with regulatory agencies, other stakeholders, and in some cases the legislature in the development and implementation of water quality regulation.  However, from time to time, CVCWA will enter into litigation if needed to protect its interest. 

Recent Activity

  • City of Tracy v. State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board):  CVCWA intervened in this case contesting the permit imposed requirements without the process due under the law.  In May 2011, the Final Statement of Decision was issued.  The Court concluded that:  the State Water Board failed to undertake the analysis required by California Water Code Section 13241 when adopting the objectives for EC, the Bay-Delta Plan’s program of implementation was inadequate for municipal discharges, and that the State Water Board abused its discretion in applying the objectives at the end-of-pipe, rather than at a compliance location.  The Court vacated the EC limits for Tracy and prohibited their application for other municipal dischargers pending reconsideration of the EC objectives and development of an adequate program of implementation for municipal discharges in the Bay Delta Plan.
  • CVCWA v. State Water Resources Control Board:  CVCWA filed a petition asking the court to invalidate Water Quality Order (WQO) 2009-0005, In the Matter of Own Motion Review of City of Lodi Waste Discharge Requirements and Master Reclamation Permit, because it improperly interpreted and applied Title 27 of the California Code of Regulations and the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board’s (Regional Water Board) Basin Plan.  After settlement discussions, the State Water Board amended its order by issuing a new order WQO 2012-01.

Document Files

The window below provides access to view and download some of the public documents concerning legal issues.  These are organized in folders by subject matter.  Please note that it may take a moment for the window to download.

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