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In order to further our mission, CVCWA partners with several other clean water organizations in California. 

Clean Water Summit Partners: The Clean Water Summit Partners is a group of clean water leaders representing the five state and regional wastewater associations in California (BACWA, CASA, CVCWA, CWEA and SCAP). The Partners meet quarterly in Sacramento to explore opportunities for collaboration on water quality issues of critical importance to our collective memberships. You can access the websites of our other Clean Water Partners by following these links.

Tri-TACTriTAC is a technical advisory committee representing CASA, the League of California Cities and CWEA. TriTAC meets monthly to improve environmental programs by working with state and federal regulatory agencies and interest groups regarding matters related to POTWs. 

California Wastewater Climate Change Group (CWCCG):  CWCCG is a partnership between BACWA, CASA, CVCWA and SCAP, and is a statewide coalition of wastewater treatment agencies focused on climate change assessment and adaptation fostering opportunities for science-based, cost-effective climate change solutions.

WateReuse:  WateReuse is a national organization promoting the safe use of recycled water.  CVCWA’s recycled water subcommittee partners with the Central Valley –Sierra Foothill Chapter.


The window below provides access to view and download CVCWA’s recent public documents concerning partnerships with other industry associations. These are organized in folders by subject matter.

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