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State Water Board

Water quality in California is regulated by the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) and nine Regional Water Quality Control Boards (Regional Water Boards).  CVCWA works with both the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Central Valley Water Board) and the State Water Board to effect reasonable local and state regulations impacting wastewater treatment plants and wastewater and storm drain collections systems in the Central Valley.

Although CVCWA members are most impacted by the permits issued by the Central Valley Water Board, the State Water Board establishes water quality standards, develops statewide policy and water quality protection plans, issues general permits, adjudicates disputes, certifies operators, and administers a funding program; all which impact CVCWA members.  CVCWA, many times in partnership with other clean water agencies, engages with the State Water Board to assure that regulatory actions are protective of the environment, are based on sound scientific information, and reflect a fair and reasonable economic basis.  Ideally we do this by working with regulators cooperatively starting at the beginning phases of regulatory development, serving as a resource to regulators, and by providing constructive comments throughout regulatory proceedings.

Recent Activities

Some of the initiatives that CVCWA is involved with at the State Water Board are summarized below.  Detailed information on the State Water Board’s activities can be found at their website at or by clicking the link for the program below. 

CVCWA’s comment letters on State Board initiatives, including joint letters with our clean water partners, can be accessed below, sorted by subject matter.  Jump to comment letters.

CVCWA Comment Letters on State Water Board Initiatives

The window below provides access to view and download CVCWA’s recent public documents concerning the State Water Board. These generally consist of comment letters and are organized in folders by subject matter.

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