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Who We Are


The Central Valley Clean Water Association, or CVCWA, is a non-profit association of public agencies located within the Central Valley region that provide wastewater collection, treatment, and water recycling services to millions of Central Valley residents and businesses. CVCWA was primarily formed to concentrate resources to effect reasonable local, state and federal regulations impacting entities operating municipal wastewater treatment plants and wastewater and storm drain collections systems in the Central Valley.

Who We Are

CVCWA is currently comprised of over 50 public wastewater collection and treatment member agencies, representing over 7 million people in the Central Valley.   Additionally, CVCWA has over 20 associate members.  Our members are public and private organizations charged with the responsibility for collecting, treating, recycling, and disposing of wastewater in a safe, responsible and economical manner.  Find out more about our history.

Our Mission

CVCWA’s mission is to effectively represent the interests of wastewater agencies in the Central Valley in regulatory matters and to support the exchange of information so members can best meet their business challenges.

CVCWA’s intent is to approach inland surface water discharge and land application regulatory matters with a perspective that balances environmental and economic interest and to speak with a unified voice from its members and partnering organizations. Our goal is to assure that regulatory actions are protective of the environment, are based on sound scientific information, and reflect a fair and reasonable economic basis.


Through CVCWA’s committees, subcommittees and workgroups, CVCWA members are able to collaborate and provide key input towards implementing CVCWA’s mission. CVCWA’s committees meet periodically to review new and proposed environmental regulations that affect the wastewater community in the Central Valley.  These committees are made up of volunteers from member agencies and are assisted by CVCWA staff.  The purpose of CVCWA’s committees are to develop positions and white papers containing scientific or business information for CVCWA’s Board approval which then form the basis of CVCWA’s comments to regulatory agencies during their rulemaking process.  In addition, work products from the committees’ are circulated to the membership to assist them in their individual compliance efforts.

To learn more about CVCWA’s committees, visit our Committees pages.

Special Projects

As the need arises, CVCWA members may participate in special project work in order to coordinate services, develop scientific information, or promote regulatory efforts consistent with CVCWA’s mission.  For more information on special projects, visit our Special Projects page (under the Committees menu).  


In order to further our mission, CVCWA prepares white papers, comment letters, informational manuals and outreach materials.  For more information, visit our Resources page.

Additionally, CVCWA holds an annual one-day conference and specialty conferences to highlight current and pending issues that will likely impact our member agencies. For more information, visit our Events page.


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